SPHERES , a three-chapter space experience from Darren Aronofsky’s Protozoa Pictures , was just bought by VR finance and distribution firm CityLights in what Variety describes as a “seven-figure deal.” While the respective companies are remaining mum on the exact price of the acquisition, the Variety
report maintains the deal was in “the low- to mid-seven figures.”
Songs Of Spacetime, the first chapter of Spheres, debuted at Sundance as a part of Oculus’ five funded experiences.

Written and directed by Eliza McNitt, Spheres is an experience that explores sound while taking you to the heart of a black hole. Speaking to Oculus in a recent ‘VR Visionaries’ profile, McNitt called Spheres a story about “the human connection to the cosmos,” and how we relate to the sound of the universe—gravitational waves.