With the new Blackmagic Web Presenter, the process of integrating a professional-quality camera into a web stream is now easier than ever.

Streaming video is an increasingly large part of the video marketplace, but for many filmmakers, it’s a frustrating one. While there are solutions like Switcher Studio that allow you to add more cameras to create a better-edited streaming experience, you’re still stuck largely using the built-in phone or computer camera. For filmmakers used to a high level of control when crafting their images, this is not ideal.
The new Blackmagic Web Presenter aims to facilitate an easier connection between pro-level gear and streaming.
It’s a small black box, 1/3 of a rack width wide—the same form factor as the new Teranex Mini. It has both SDI and HDMI inputs, allowing for a direct connection with a wide variety of camera formats or other sources, like video game systems or a second laptop for queuing up clips. If you purchase the additional Teranex Mini Smart Panel, you can even switch between sources.