@Porter_Anderson “The Way Forward,” the closing panel, is moderated by @BrianSethHurst of The Opportunity Management Company – starting now.
@Porter_Anderson Alison Norrington (@storycentral) is the @StoryWorldConf Chair and Founder of StoryCentral DIGITAL http://ow.ly/7fRZc,  Vivi Zigler, president, digital entertainment, NBC Universal http://ow.ly/7fZKu,  @TimKring, multiplatform storyteller familiar to fans of “Heroes”, @Jeff_Gomez is CEO of Starlight Runner Entertainment, http://t.co/xokSD5ce, a major producer of #transmedia franchises, @albert_cheng, EVP and COO, Digital Media, Disney ABC Television Group http://abc.go.com/
@Porter_Anderson Alison Norrington (@storycentral) “At every level, an obstacle is language. Initially, just to break down that” is key.
@simon_staffans [email protected]: the way to move forward is to start looking at making stuff in little bits, not just blockbusters
@milesmaker “I started with a very simple idea for “Heroes” it came out of a simple idea to reach the audience where they were.” @timkring
@simon_staffans Tim Kring: starting out w/ Heroes, it was early & no-one knew what a bad idea in the area was, “don’t know if that can be duplicated”
@Porter_Anderson Vivi Zigler: “We sat down and drew an old-fashioned pen-to-paper picture…wanted to wait to see what stories evolved.”
@simon_staffans Vivi Zigler: was a bit like drinking from a waterhose, we had to learn rly fast. Producing for all diff platforms.
@simonpulman @simon_staffans Thanks. Ask the ABC/NBC folks what their strategies for aligning creative/marketing more closely w/ digital dist are
@Porter_Anderson  Vivi Zigler “We broke it down so there was the official Heroes site”…@TimKring “and we created a fan portal.”
@Porter_Anderson @TimKring “It’s important to note @Heroes all really started from one idea. Once that took hold, we expanded from there.”
@floerianthebard Comics for Heroes written partially by the writing *assistants* on the show, giving them a place to showcase. @timkring
@cynthiajabar writers assistants starting writing comic books using fan art.
@simon_staffans Jeff Gomez says we need more believers at studios / broadcasters. Routes and bridges to enable projects.
@StephenDinehart “#Transmedia is a love-fest ecosystem.” Vivi Zegler
@Porter_Anderson  @Jeff_Gomez “Having people who are well-placed is a help…we as producers can build bridges between visionaries.
@Porter_Anderson  Vivi Zigler “‘I said I’m a TV girl wearing #digital clothing.’ Really good marketing engages the user the same way.”
@simon_staffans On my right, @kulturvulturz quite rightly comments that it’s the audience that educates us, not the other way around
@simon_staffans @poburke @kulturvulturz yup, it’s a 2 way street #swc11 re: audience teaching us teaching the audience
@cynthiajabar iPad raises emotional connection to content- Albert Cheng/Disney
@Porter_Anderson  @alberg_cheng Looked at TV audience members “using the #iPad in front of the TV set…How do we create a deeper level?”
@simon_staffans For how mobile can be used – all ways it can be used – I’ll concur with @tomiahonen; look at Japan and South Korea
@frankrose Vivi Zigler/NBC: “Marketing and content are so close–and really good marketing engages the audience in the same way.”
@sparrowhall: “we drive ‘enhanced’ media campaigns rather than transmedia campaigns” (wink, nudge) Hey Corp America: try’n keep up..!
@Porter_Anderson @alberg_cheng “The promise of what storytelling could do” with the Oscars “…broke into three acts.”
@simon_staffans For a panel that should look the way forward it’s been a lot of recap going on so far?
@geekgrl Love that Oscars digital experience matched hosts to platform delivery based on audience use of particular devices
@Porter_Anderson @BrianSethHurst asks “Is storytelling leading technology? Or is technology leading storytelling” in #transmedia
@Magsedoyle Technology just facilitates the storytelling. –Alison Norrington
@floerianthebard Is story leading technology or vice versa? @storycentral says clearly tech just facilitates story. Doesn’t even need tech!
@Porter_Anderson  @StoryCentral “It’s a no-brainer question for me, story is right in the middle of all that.”
@floerianthebard Tech may just change how you think about a story, the way you can tell it. @timkring
@Porter_Anderson  @TimKring “I agree 100% on story, (but) this flood of technology has shifted the paradigm in how I *think* about story.”
@thebradking Tim King said what I did in previous panel – that tech changes how you think about storytelling. The tool is tied to the story now
@Porter_Anderson  @TimKring “I’ve become less interested in creating the content, and more interested in co-creating the content.”
@miggon  Listen before you tell the story. Listen while you tell the story. Listen after you tell the story.
@simon_staffans Tim Kring: Goal is to create realtionship with audience to create together with them…
@simon_staffans Jeff: 1m kids ran through Pottermore in an instant, now nothing to do. Must “feed the beast”
@geekgrl Don’t ignore co-creation. Its the key to maintaining evergreen storyworlds. The trick is figuring out how to manage the growth
@TheFourOrders !MT @milesmaker: “We did an equivalent of a comic book every mth. We even introduced a character online and used fan username
@geekgrl When many cross platform practitioners witness audience co-creation coming out of their experiences, it’s hard to ignore.
@Porter_Anderson  Vivi Zigler: When good technologists collaborate “in a give-and-take” with story, “that’s where the magic happens.”
@andrhia On reflection: story can’t always come first. Sometimes tech creates an opportunity for new kinds of stories
@mikemonello @floerianthebard @andrhia identifying story opportunities created by tech =/ wrapping story around a defined tech
@mikemonello “It’s all about the story” is a given, not an insight.
@alice_gillet Vivi Zigler stresses the importance of a good management to combine creativity from storytellers and IT people
@poburke Build story, choose technologies (i.e language of communication) come back to story, come back to language. Repeat until awesome
@simon_staffans And yeah, no need to go gamificate anything… as on earlier panels and as in previous posts – use what makes sense in the context.
@geekgrl Agree as well! RT @sioflynn: Agree. Albert Cheng ‘how you create the experience can facilitate how the story is told’
@fulscrn We’re Canadian, know the funding bodies and how they work. Did I mention we love doing international transmedia co-pros.
@RhysMT The Millennials are a Collaborative generation @briansethhurst
@Porter_Anderson @albert_cheng “One thing we learned from Grey’s Anatomy” was not to interrupt the user experience.
@simon_staffans Albert Cheng: we learn from our audience: when can we interrupt audience, what content can we interrupt with… make mistakes & learn
@Porter_Anderson @BrianSethHurst “‘Now I have this 360 immersive thing.’ Do you have to take responsibility” for the IP as it scales up?
@geekgrl If you aren’t taking user experience into consideration, why build a multi-platform narrative? It’s a requisite not an option
@Porter_Anderson @TimKring “Yes. It’s the authenticity of the story…(but) the definition of story can become a little looser.”
@stitchmedia I really want to see a fight between “It’s all about the story” and “Understand your audience” – It’d be a close one…and bloody
@Porter_Anderson  @TimKring “How do you create a world where fans can find each other…so other things can be created ‘out there?'”
@geekgrl Tim Kring wants to know how fans can find one another and connect — fascinated by this. A strong community strategy is key.
@Porter_Anderson  Vivi Zigler Involved fans are “self-selecting (and) will be the first to call ‘foul’ if you step away from the story.”
@geekgrl Vivi Zigler concurs with @MollyBBarton and I that you need to establish rules of engagement for co-creation. Fans protect story
@RhysMT You can start your story from any platform – @briansethhurst
@simon_staffans NOW we’re looking forward – using transmedia with broadcasters etc to encourage discussion and change. Yup Albert Cheng on transmedia utopia: 1 person tells a story (video) 10 build on it, 100 more build on that, massive evolving.  Jeff: “It’s simple – my story cannot exist without your participation, only way it can get done, I’m telling it but you’re in it.” Tim: “where you become a part of the story, a society for good, places you frequent are part” i.e. Conspiracy for Good
@simon_staffans Zigler: “MMOG murder mystery where you don’t even know if you’re the murderer or not”
@fabiennebidule Wow tough question for the panel. What if you had no financial constraint no technical issue what will be your perfect story?
@Porter_Anderson  Vivi Zigler “I’m going to go with a mystery…where you don’t even know if you’re the murderer or not.”
@simon_staffans Alison: “scale out over period of time, for co-creators and not, jump in deep or surface; very flexible story”
@andrhia Interesting how some people are talking about stories and others about structures…
@Porter_Anderson  @storycentral “People could jump in and out…pick and choose what they like” (in her idea of a storytelling utopia).
@jchutchins Less “me.” More “we.”
@Porter_Anderson  @Jeff_Gomez “Yes, there is a danger but we have the responsibility to remind people these are liberating technologies.”
@Porter_Anderson We’re now nearing the conclusion of the WayForward panel and main sessions of @StoryWorldConf in San Francisco

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@Porter_Anderson  If tech, money, receptive audience were all perfectly supportive, what would #transmedia look like?