Story Architecture-Crafting Transmedia Design

@TransmediaReady Crafting Transmedia Design Conf is about to start at #swc11 with @KHenthuZiasm @scott_walker @Sioflynn #transmediafairies are in the place!
@HoppingFun  @Sioflynn: Spacing weight and flow between story elements, key question in #transmedia. When to ask audience to do work? Reward it?  @sioflynn: Tech’s will change. How do you design for that? Strategy: Go meta, think about meta principles.
@Blerime @sioflynn on experience design: how do you design for platforms that might eventually become obsolete?
@HoppingFun @sioflynn How do you create coherent design across experience. Spatial experience
@Blerime @sioflynn @KHenthuZiasm: principles for design are non-linear spatial, augmented, social, participatory/UGC storytelling
@Blerime @sioflynn: sustainabilitiy of fan communities is daunting to traditional execs – once you have stickiness its a betrayal to drop off
@Blerime @sioflynn: “native versus marketing #transmedia: latter built around a brand but not necessarily a story”
@RodrigoArnaut @Sioflynn talking about “Two Poles in Transmedia” and the marketing transmedia campaign!
@HoppingFun  @sioflynn: Three Little Pigs model by @robpratten as a case study on how to construct a transmedia experience out of a story.
@HoppingFun  @sioflynn: “It’s all experience.” Genius story is a given. But what is the experience? Engagement? Participation? Interactivity?
@Blerime @sioflynn: story versus experience – story IS an experience. when you invite interaction, fan community becomes the medium
@Blerime @sioflyn “technology becomes useful when it’s really invisible”
@HoppingFun @sioflynn: “Your audience is your medium.” Design with the audience not for the audience sez @KHenthuZiasm in transmedia.
@Magsedoyle “what is the experience that you are designing, what is the thematic envelope?” –
@floerianthebard Five E’s of experience design: entice, enter, engage, emotion, extend. @sioflynn
@poburke Empathy for characters—so important, why do we care?
@TransmediaReady Extending is an immediate response to your content – the best example is the Facebook like button
@randyfinch @sioflynn trnsmdia dsgn: what do i c? what do i do? what is the outcome? what is the e-motion (what pulls me deeper?) how do i share?
@SeanEmbury A story with no ending sounds potential for purgatory. Sometimes THE END/FIN brings the sweetest satisfaction.
@HoppingFun  Q: “Is transmedia death of the ending?” Satisfying to have that end, satisfying, wrap-up. @sioflynn: More abt loops, series of ends
@HoppingFun  @sioflynn: 1001 Nights, for ex. Breaking Bad and Gustavo, for ex (“ending”?) with a cliffhanger, cheese whole that’s never explained.
@TransmediaReady Is #Transmedia #Storytelling the end of story ending… @Sioflynn says No! We are going to have an experience with 7 Families Cards for #Transmedia Brainstorming #DIYYourcard #7TF #SWC11, so cool 🙂
@AirhartMedia #transmedia is about opening up narrative spaces. Build detailed characters that intrigue. Best takeaway from #swc11,Put your heart into it.
@TrevorWade a website redesign will FAIL if the content isn’t good, a new look doesn’t do it! @karinehalpern
@TransmediaReady Rules explaination of the game by @KHenthuZiasm, We all received one card to customize, let’s the story began
@toenolla love the Creative Director card in @transmediaready and @sioflynn’s card game. I have that look o_O on my face all the time
@poburke Thinking about a negative card to throw into #7TF – ‘the silo trap’ or ‘the deadline’ …
@maya_z00 Synthetist @TransmediaReady the connector, the bridge, the holder of the #Transmedia Eco system – feels like what I want to do
@RhysMT @poburke the difficult bastard card? The Man who thinks he knows too much card?
@TrevorWade  create reusable chunks of content that are structured and have metadata w CMS, then can use on web, mobile, etc @ KArin halpern
@TransmediaReady The audience is participating, engagment is starting, brainstorming is going on #DIYYourcard #7TF #SWC11 good job @KHenthuZiasm @Sioflynn
@TrevorWade  most organizations have a TON of content on website, overwhelms customer and still doesn’t communicate key messages – K Halpern
@aprilarrg  we are occuping #transmedia!!!! omg this is awesome!!!!
@IsurgyMedia  we are 99% #occupytransmedia
@floerianthebard We are apparently supposed to tweet about transmedia now. Because I wasn’t doing that before. #OccupyTransmedia
@ksparker StoryWorld has been occupied by interactive storytelling #OccupyTransmedia
@aprilarrg #occupytransmedia over at #swc11 is out of control, dont forget to post on storify!
@alice_gillet Wow… everybody making posters, videos, photos and weird stuff for #occupytransmedia!