Streets that Tell Stories – How Pervasive Gaming Engages Audiences

@vpisteve At Streets That Tell Stories w @licoricehazel, @christydena @pervasiveplay and @constancef. Woot!
@HoppingFun pervasive games: another place to get info
@HoppingFun  pervasive games, where 2 go: hang out with @comeoutandplay group in SF, happening THIS WEEK:
@alice_gillet @pervasiveplay : electronic devices have failed at truly bringing people together, but maybe ARGs and pervasive gaming can succeed
@HoppingFun keep hearing abt great success for using improv skills in biz to improve collab, commun., cc @amanda_hirsch “Yes, and….”

Pitching and Selling Your Idea – Challenges and Parameters

@simon_staffans So, you need ca 1000 viable ideas a year to be able to distill 4-5 sucesses. (pretty harsh figures? Would’ve expected higher rate)
@RhysMT Tv is a conversation with the audience, because of the time period – where as film is limited in its ability to have a conversation
@simon_staffans Good advice from @mikemonello – don’t show trailer to marketing ppl, show rollout schedule; i.e. talk the right language when pitch
@RhysMT To pitch a story across platforms you have to find a way to tell it in the language of who you’re talking to
@simon_staffans [email protected] says we need to build fan base to have leverage when going to broadcasters/studios/etc; have a floor.  “Don’t try to do webseries and graphic novel and lots of stuff, concentrate on one and do it well
@vpisteve “We want a level of engagement that causes players to get tattoos on their bodies!”-Jeff Hull re Jejune Institute etc
@simon_staffans ah, here comes propagation planning! . Will say, from my POV, it’s bloody hard to get a fan base for a television format unless it’s already produced. Unless it’s a format with a strong underlying story you can build on, and then it’s probably drama and not format.
@RhysMT You should always be well prepared for a pitch, and one that’s tailored to your meeting

Generation C and Shared StoryWorlds

@simon_staffans so, at “Generation C & Shared Storyworlds” with @scott_walker @mollybbarton @geekgrl and @PamelaRutledge.
Going into psychology; Internet enabling the need to reach out, connect, remix, express
Mass media led to management theory and marketing theory; assumption that ppl are passive, which is wrong @PamelaRutledge
Creating viable tools for creating increases the amount of audience members that create. Yup
I like @geekgrl – “…in a way that makes sense” / “… see which things that make sense to integrate”. Making sense is so important.
IMO need to understand audience, understand own project, understand the ultimate goals etc, to be able to know “what makes sense”
@simon_staffans and @scott_walker talks a bit about Angry Robot Books and their Worldbuilder Talking abt value co-creation – ppl who come in and co-create love the content, but look for same respect as orig creato.
@simon_staffans and @geekgrl – ppl burn through content rapidly – to make it last longer, we need to start relying on the audience. Leverage etc
@simon_staffans All down to the definition of “storyworld”, a wider definition can encompass documentaries (Dille’s ex: Ppl vs George Lucas)
@cynthiajabar Interesting chat about community and how it self governs. Influencers protect the cannon
@simon_staffans yup – @scott_walker states that if you’re goal with co-creation is to get free content, you should reconsider.

Look What Tech Can Do! How Will Technical Innovation Change the Business and Nature of Storytelling?

@RhysMT More technology you put your content on gives you more access points to your story @nlassam. When you’re picking technology for a #transmedia project, pick something you can do really well @nlassam
@vpisteve “@alice_gillet: @orenjacob stresses we need to differentiate story, storytelling and spectacle ” I would add franchising to that 🙂
@RhysMT Find the right medium to support your story @orenjacob. Difference between spectacle and storytelling (spectacle = lots of shit happening).  Surely an audience would pay for a compelling #transmedia story? They pay for a cinema ticket, so why not a transmedia project?

Show Me The Money

@simon_staffans At “Show me the money” with @ianginn @andrhia @cfcmedialab @gmdclark @stormsurfers
@simon_staffans Canada is the KLONDYKE of transmedia! (perhaps). Ah yes – @cfcmedialab: the money should be spent to foster ppl who are storytellers AND businessppl
@HoppingFun @cfcmedialab is working to produce people who can do all three : story, tech, biz. Entrepreneurs.
@simon_staffans [email protected] tends not to get money inte projects too early, when they are too fragile. Ah, @gmdclark talks my language – “we look for sustainability in our projects”.  Interesting approach by @gmdclark – create most of the stuff, except for the last expensive part, so you can show what it’s like. So apparently Australia is the oil-filled Gulf area of transmedia…. re: @stormsurfers
@RhysMT If Canada’s paradise then Australia’s Utopia! @stormsurfers
@simon_staffans ah, ok, it’s the ppl who did Scorched back in 2008
@RhysMT Make a content freely available and then push them towards a montized version @stormsurfers
@simon_staffans Could someon pls tell #Finland’s government as well? RT @Usualsuspectguy: Wow Australia’s government offers 40% direct subsidy
@lbeckste Marcus Gilezeau emphasizes importance of freemium model to push content then monetize premium content.
@simon_staffans [email protected] ultimately better to be entrepreneur than under studios / others. Ah, @stormsurfers asked Red Bull to invest in the IP and get return, no need to place brand anywhere. Neat
@Porter_Anderson Money: @gmdclark “With a big studio, you describe to a brand what they’ll get for their money. In entrepreneurship, that’s harder.”
@jaybushman here’s the link for the Business Model Generation Book that the @cfcmedialab mentioned
@Porter_Anderson Money: Q&A commentary includes a kind of disclaimer about #Canadian activity and funding in #transmedia. #grassreallygreener?
@RhysMT It’s going to be hard to get – because it’s money @ianginn
@simon_staffans Indeed RT @floerianthebard: “Of course it’s going to be hard to get. It’s money.”
@Porter_Anderson We’re concluding the “Show Me the Money” panel at @StoryWorldConf and setting up for “The Way Forward,” the day’s final session.