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@poburke A ‘weenie’ is a (in this case visual) magnet. It reminds why your’e here and acts a navigation anchor
@StoryCoding I am a Weenie @poburke @RvCailloux @RhysMT @murmurco
@simon_staffans So, Jeff Gomez up on the stage. Nice. “What a relief to get up here and NOT having to explain transmedia”
@AlexDeTurris Aux potes de Montréal : Jeff GOMEZ, CEO, Starlight Runner Entertainment is about to start >> #SWC11 #Storytelling #Engagement #Worldbuilding
@HoppingFun Applies to so many of us: storytellers as lonely, sensitive, outsiders who want to amuse themselves, yet connect. @Jeff_Gomez
@simon_staffans Cocooning in our own storyworlds will alienate you from your audience. Jeff starting off from own childhood
@aprilarrg @jeff_gomez: Show me u care about this storyworld, show me it’s real. Building storyworld that s inconsistent makes fans feel cheated
@aprilarrg @Jeff_Gomez: Games are not about rules, those are excuses to tell stories that we love in a different way.
@cynthiajabar Jeff Gomez-Games are excuses to invite one another to tell stories and connect
@simon_staffans J: “Yup!” T: “Take a buzzword, throw around, tell ppl the’re going to make money, voila!” and so “transmedia”…
@simon_staffans “When you have something TRUE to tell, ppl will see that, listen to you and respond” – @Jeff_Gomez. True dat, honesty important. #swc11
@aprilarrg @Jeff_Gomez: Have a powerful message, something to say, and be honest about it. Otherwise audience will leave you.*
@simon_staffans “The Universe you create is not just fine characters and beautiful settings. It reflects YOU and should stand up to analysis”
@HoppingFun re: stepping out of cocoon, those who make effort to break into writer cocoons (gently) will be rewarded with story gold.
@simon_staffans “The best messages are born of PAIN” – @Jeff_Gomez – and what he means is honesty.
@milesmaker @Jeff_Gomez: “We have to remember there is a SINGLE platform message that flows through YOU and filters out to people.
@simon_staffans Stories are fueled by failure; we must infuse our stories with our own pain and failure…also, show how it can lead to success
@aprilarrg @Jeff_Gomez: show how failure can be a stepping stone to success. And the value of never surrendering.
@Blerime Jeff Gomez “aspirations are useless unless you teach yourself how to get there” on Millenials and I-Gen (digital kids)
@simon_staffans Different kinds of worlds – D&D worlds, Novelistic worlds (Sopranos etc) and Epic worlds (Star Wars) …
@HoppingFun YES! Publ co’s need to keep authors involved in #transmedia, start to end.
@simon_staffans Jeff’s seeing issues in publishing/transmedia – author running off writing book, rest doing the rest, no symphony.
@simon_staffans “The big studios do NOT want to talk to people”
@simon_staffans But, according to Jeff, the Age of Broadcasting is ending; we’re entering communal storytelling w insta-feedback
@simon_staffans “At LEAST give them a way to LIKE you!” #swc11 build the necessary architecture
@AlexDeTurris “We need a architecture for dialogue. Instant feedback and communal Storytelling” – Jeff Gomez
@simon_staffans Longest applause yet
@simon_staffans So, Q: how to bring the experiences from storyworlds to change the real world? “It’s hard!”
@RhysMT Stories help people to reconnect to the magic of life – but how do we do that? Audience member Bob
@simon_staffans Q: the role of myth in the digital age, compared to history?
@adbroad: Gomez on H’wood Entrtainmnt no longer listen to my story for 2 hrs Generation coming into power won’t stand 4 it.
@simon_staffans “Storyteller has changes. Many come to realize it pays to enlarge the palette; evolution of storyteller will happen”
@aprilarrg @Jeff_Gomez: One problems in publishing is disconnection where authors are not involved in #transmedia stratergy.
@acserrano GOLD: Infrastructure necessary to ensure that as we talk about the story, while we’re in the story, we can finally change our story.
@simon_staffans “Even in the hallowed halls of Hollywood they’re starting to think ‘maybe we should tell better stories….?'”
@simon_staffans Yup; show in your pitch that you know the ropes, how platforms work, how economics work etc. Talk their talk as well.
@simon_staffans Yup – using stories and tech to poke holes in the walls that keep many ppl walled in.
@aprilarrg @Jeff_Gomez on audience engagement: ur audience want validation that they are part of the storyworld. So don’t just broadcast.