Summary of the panel twitts
@Porter_Anderson Our last panel of the day at @StoryWorldConf is “Co-Managing in Collaboration with Stakeholders” @Scott_Walker moderating. Panelists include @ZKadison of Black Light Transmedia, Joel Gotler, well-known literary manager with Intellectual Property Group began his career in 1976, Christopher Kenneally (@beyondthebook) is with the Copyright Clearance Center  And David Tochterman returns (@dtoc), from Innovative Arts in Santa Monica
@HoppingFun “when you pitch a story, you are pitching a business. Can’t always answers all the biz questions in a crowded room.” @Dtoc
@cynthiajabar IP “these deals take forever” anticipate questions @Dtoc
@Porter_Anderson  “The best preparation” for creative people “is to anticipate the questions” about cross-platform #transmedial work. @dtoc
@maya_z00 Who has the rights and who can grant the right= chain of title is important @joelgotler
@Porter_Anderson  Joel Gotler says that who controls rights is a fundamental challenge in many #transmedia discussions
@HoppingFun Copyright Clearance Center @beyondthebook: founded in 1978, voluntary central marketplace to manage rights.
@Porter_Anderson CoMgmt: “Some would want to see legislation” for rights issues, “but that always goes against rights holders.” @beyondthebook
@simon_staffans Difficult the rights questions are. Good deals you must strike. Beware of the dark side #YodaOnTransmedia
@HoppingFun “If you’re confused, you’re beginning to understand the problem.” Copyright and chain of title. @beyondthebook
@Porter_Anderson  @Scott_Walker asks whether fair use protocol doesn’t engage in many of these cases.
@simon_staffans From own experience; the good lawyers are expensive as anything. But hiring a cheap crap one is more expensive in the long run
@cynthiajabar Fair use is a defense not a right in US law. “tread carefully”
@Porter_Anderson @beyondthebook says “No one should assume they have the right to re-use at all,” fair use may not prevail or be pertinent.
@Porter_Anderson @ZKadison Since Star Wars, “studios are afraid a filmmaker will come in and try to withhold rights.”
@simon_staffans Aha – line up all partners you need on different platforms etc, or studios/game co:s will insist on owning those rights.
@Porter_Anderson @ZKadison “When you go into a studio…you have to have all your partners lined up” to execute split rights.
@simon_staffans Well this is a point. Futile to expect to make a billion dollars from first foray into the studio (or any) system
@gmskarka The biggest take-away from this panel:  Don’t go to studios.  Period.
@simon_staffans So – anticipate all rights issues and pre-empt them with partnerships, deals etc
@Porter_Anderson @Scott_Walker asks about the costs of having representation that can secure the rights agreement you need
@Porter_Anderson @ZKadison “Do not collaborate until you have an agreement in place.”
@TTTKaren Transmedia creators approaching studios: if you want to retain rights, you’d better be able to deliver on those media yourself
@Porter_Anderson Joel Gotler reels off about 12 types of rights. “The rights that come from an IP are very hard to separate
@Porter_Anderson  @beyondthebook “If you work with an attorney, do it early” before any pieces of a project are in place.
@simon_staffans Also, from own experience, do your rights mistakes with a first project you don’t care that much about 🙂
@Porter_Anderson Joel Gotler “I would never enter a deal without an attorney anymore. ‘Only a fool represents themselves?’–never been truer.”
@Porter_Anderson Joel Gotler “We represent, say, 200 #authors and I don’t know but maybe one or two who don’t have an attorney.”
@Porter_Anderson Q&A attorney: “Moving into this thicket without some kind of (legal) help is an accident looking for a place to happen.”
@Porter_Anderson @ZKadison “No one wants to put their client at risk of violating Guild rules (in Hollywood).
@geekgrl How do you leverage legal if legal hasn’t yet figured out how to navigate a remix culture?
@simon_staffans Phew, 750$ an hour? Should’ve studied law.
@Porter_Anderson  @beyondthebook on @Amanda_Hocking to Joel Gotler — how good was her representation when she got her deal?
@HoppingFun Blacklight @ZKadison “There are no experts in this space.” Split rights deals for transmedia: big fear of setting bad precedent.
@gmskarka Listen to the litany of bullshit:  Split Rights, Guild rules, multiple lawyers, etc. — Best evidence for walking away from studios
@Porter_Anderson  Joel Gotler confirms that @Amanda_Hocking had an agent, then an attorney and was in good shape for representation on her deal
@HoppingFun Creatives: Here’s why you need a lawyer:
@simonpulman: Indie creators, remember attys/Ks slow u down. Better 2 build reputation 1st, bring in big guns on deal that matters
@simonpulman Re: issue of inexpensive legal services, many law schools have clinic classes for the arts, also see VLA
@geekgrl Brian Seth Hurst posing the tough questions about the value of data. This is still not covered by copyright legislation.
@Porter_Anderson  Q&A with panel: When will data become part of a deal that’s brought to a table on an IP negotiation? The “data” being discussed here is the audience-leveraged value that accrues to a strong property that does well.
@Porter_Anderson @ZKadison “Once you have these statistics” such as strong metrics on following, that relationship & data is a value.
@gmskarka [email protected] asking about rights wrt data mining/aggregation to an industry that hasn’t even grasped collaborative culture yet
@geekgrl Data is a byproduct of the distribution platforms. Question is who owns it & the fan base/community in a multi-stakeholder scenario?
@Porter_Anderson Q&A for panel “As a storyteller, how do I find one of these experienced #transmedia” attorneys? @ZKadison “Most Hollywood attorneys don’t know the interactive or #publishing space (interactive media world).”
@Porter_Anderson  Q&A for panel, attendee says he has found attorneys willing to work with him (as @ZKadison said is possible) at low cost.
@gmskarka I get that there’s “how do I keep my job” in play, but the bending-over-backwards to shoehorn this into trad. models is ridiculous.
@maya_z00 @scott_walker  there is no standard right now – get an attorney
@simon_staffans Well yeah, this is a problem that won’t go away!
@Porter_Anderson We’re now finished for the day in @StoryWorldConf coverage. Tomorrow, 8:30aPT / 11:30aET, sessions start. Thanks.