New Business Models – be small, think big, move fast
@gmskarka Killer app of crowdfunding isnt the money– it’s the creation of a community.
@Porter_Anderson Here at @StoryWorldConf, we’re back and starting with the first of two breakout sessions for the afternoon in San Francisco
@milesmaker NEXT at #swc11: “New Business Models – be small, think big, move fast” with @christydena @ianginn @storycentral @francomedia et. al.
@Porter_Anderson BizModels: @ianginn In a two-month pilot “you create a whole lot of access to present to funders,” etc. (20,000 euros on makeup)
@milesmaker “So many projects never ever get made simply because they’re too BIG.” — @ianginn
@TTTKaren Ian Ginn: critical to prove concept and audience before biting off too much in transmedia production
@Sara_Ramsey Too many storyworlds are “castles in the sky” (too big to get funding for) – break story into smaller chunks for proof-of-concept
@Porter_Anderson BizModels: “I was at the Louvre, did the Da Vinci Code audio tour, great sound design.”
@Porter_Anderson  “I came out of the Louvre wondering why we don’t have audio tours of the web” with great sound design, etc. @christydena
@Porter_Anderson  “Strategically, it would be good for people to see what you can do with high production.” @christydena
@Porter_Anderson  “The app model has been a big opener for so many people.” (Ref: Bjork & Brian Eno apps. )@christydena
@HoppingFun “Money is like water, follows the path of least resistance.” Kevin Franco. self-funded, changed biz model every day, agile.
@Porter_Anderson  @FrancoMedia “In the case of our project, we were pretty much self-funded. The business model changed every day.” 🙂
@milesmaker @christydena wants to create independent projects outside of gatekeepers w/attention to ‘game approachability’ (total participation)
@HoppingFun  @christydena took pre-orders to test interest, then launch w/ some free access, then back to paid model. @UniverseC101
@Porter_Anderson  @FrancoMedia “We broke the narrative into 30 parts, released the first nine days free…good retention rate.” (about 2/3)
@Porter_Anderson  “I’ve had the feeling that bottom-up (as in no-gatekeeper nature of #transmedia) is actually possible.” @ianginn
@Porter_Anderson  “You have to be very patient, persistent, guerrilla-like to attract your audience.” @ianginn of Transmedia Learning
@scott_walker If quality content is your sole basis for “success” when incorporating UGC, YOU ARE MISSING THE POINT
@Porter_Anderson BizModels: “I don’t think you can second-guess your audience and try to know what they’re going to want…(But) write for the core.”…
@HoppingFun YES–@murmurco talks about permissions wall on FB, Twitter. Who lets apps have access? How many? (I don’t.)
@Porter_Anderson  Mike Knowlton of @Murmur has projects that requires all of users’ personal data..and we lost 50% at the permissions wall.
@SocialSamba 50% of users may refuse FB authentication when a story is unknown – they don’t like the risk. Trusted characters see no real barrier
@HoppingFun “Virility is hard to realize on FB” @murmurco film–must embed more viral hooks, hang social interaction on plot points.
@Porter_Anderson BizModels: “Someone has said that @Facebook is more about comments than conversations.” Mike Knowlton
@floerianthebard Work for others as well as your own stuff to build your audience, establish record. From audience comes business
@Porter_Anderson BizModels: “I’m thinking long-term, rather than project to project,” in part because business models are still in flux. @christydena
@floerianthebard Biggest reason to need to make money off a project is not to pay ourselves, but to pay those working with us. @christydena (Truth.)
@Porter_Anderson  “We ensured we had worldwide rights for everything we did, forever. A crucial thing for us.” @francmedia on sustainability
@Porter_Anderson “The only links in our project are to things we control to be sure links always work.” @FrancoMedia media on sustainability..
@HoppingFun  Links embedded in ebooks, apps, etc—make sure they go to a place you control. OW they can die. Kevin Franco.
@floerianthebard Suggestion made that a story *needs* a common thread, a driving platform, like a book or film
@Porter_Anderson BizModels: You need one place where the narrative gets tied together at some point. TV, Facebook movie, something.” @francomedia)
@floerianthebard [email protected] says too that transmedia bits can’t seem tacked on. But have a hub that connects everything
@floerianthebard Can’t design assuming all parts are siloed. Tell audience there are dots to connect. @christydena
@aprilarrg RT @floerianthebard: @christydena says too that transmedia bits can’t seem tacked on. But have a hub that connects everything.
@HoppingFun@christydena: don’t enshroud content too deeply in a container (platform) thinking it has to stand alone–big mistake she sees.
@Porter_Anderson BizModels: “So many persist in putting content on platforms…and keeping audiences on those platforms, not moving.” @christydena
@TTTKaren Transmedia “Silo” peril – feeling each platform must be self-contained. No, help people move across platforms @Christydena
@Porter_Anderson BizModels: Q&A … question on getting initial funding before proof-of-audience (needs seed money)
@cadabramedia Great term: proof of audience #swc11 #transmedia crucial first  phase/gate in building a new transmedia play
@Porter_Anderson  You can pitch funding resources for R&D dollars (as seed money for the innovation & creation of a project). @ianginn
@aprilarrg  Ian Ginn on funding: Spend 4 or 6% of your business (if in an agency) funds on innovation hub for R&D.
@Porter_Anderson  “I’m always looking for creative technologists…who are interested in conversations and development together.”
@NorthstarPics @christydena: “Often technologists have a ‘brief’ mentality of taking a brief and executing it.” <<< Shortsighted!
@aprilarrg Christy Dena on funding: Make partnerships with creative technologists who are interested in co-creating project together
@floerianthebard Peer audience isn’t enough, isn’t your ultimate fan audience. Promote elsewhere. @christydena “You quickly need to move BEYOND YOUR PEERS to your audience.”
@randyfinch  to increase immersion c dena is creating an interactive trailer while still creating her project
End of the panel