Disrupt: Stories as R&D
@simon_staffans “Stories as R & D” with @lanceweiler 
@simon_staffans Yes… RT @glecharles:  most compelling opp. of the digital era hinge on one thing: RIGHTS. Own the IP, own the future.
@Porter_Anderson Disrupt: @LanceWeiler “Pandemic is a Lord of the Flies tale that affects only adults and leaves youth to their own devices. @LanceWeiler “I’m really interested in how data can be used to drive stories, personalize them, make them relevant.”
@cynthiajabar @lanceweiler creates the central vision of the story then the audience breaks it by participating w narrative
@ivanovitch If “audience” has given way to “collaborators”, perhaps “story” has given way to “experience”?
@Porter_Anderson Disrupt: @LanceWeiler At Sundance, “I called it ‘Pandemic 1.0.’ I wanted to expand the world of the film. Initial outbreak stories.
@Porter_Anderson Disrupt: @LanceWeiler “I’m interested in global to hyper-local” in contextual storytelling and letting the audience “break” a story.
@TrevorWade last decade was about search, this decade is about curation and personalizing stories @lanceweiler
@RhysMT @ivanovitch Story will always be king!!!
@Porter_Anderson Disrupt: @LanceWeiler At Sundance, “I called it ‘Pandemic 1.0.’ I wanted to expand the world of the film. Initial outbreak stories @LanceWeiler Pandemic elements included: Film, book, comics, toys, urban gaming, mobile, online site & a CDC-like center.
@OpAjaxComic “social change is a bit too serious for it’s own good” – @lanceweiler
@wildfireeffect It always amazes/excites me how many ppl co-create a non-linear story (like #pandemic) will contribute without knowing the outcom
@Porter_Anderson Disrupt: @LanceWeiler | NFC = Near Field Communication. Weiler used 50 NFC phones and had tags around Park City at Sundance
@tara I love that @lanceweiler is both a storyteller and tech geek and can seamlessly weave both together into an interactive experience
@Porter_Anderson Disrupt: @LanceWeiler “We’re taking the Pandemic data now and looking at..ways to do things on public health” based on results.
@acserrano “story as software…a new SAAS — story as a service” — @lanceweiler interesting
@milesmaker @LanceWeiler: “How can something that occurs in a hyperlocal way affect a global audience and vice versa?” >>> Think 4wall theatrical
@Porter_Anderson Disrupt: @LanceWeiler “I actually think those known as audience are ahead of storytellers…storytellers are behind the curve.”
@Gupfee The audience is waiting for everyone else to catch up.
@jimbabb Does data refine stories to make them better or is it the new focus group? Do audience know what they want?
@Porter_Anderson Disrupt: @LanceWeiler “When does a project” go to the audience to be sustained? “I still haven’t solved that.
@Porter_Anderson Disrupt: @LanceWeiler on Robot Stories,his educational initiative–ends in launching title figures into space.
@ivanovitch @jimbabb I will go on record saying that insofar as I’m in the audience, I have no IDEA what I want, and like being surprised.
@Porter_Anderson Disrupt: @LanceWeiler “The value and power of story will build the next generation of social applications & drive initiatives.”
@Porter_Anderson Disrupt: @LanceWeiler “I’m constantly like a sponge, trying to get feedback..I don’t mind failing quickly.”
@alice_gillet RT @ianginn: Lance Weiler: the audience is dead let’s call them collaborators
@VictorVicus RT @adbroad: Good insight on social storytelling from @lanceweiler It’s not about following the characters, it’s about mining themes of the story.
@ivanovitch Wish it was possible to devote 100% of attention to speakers, 100 to Twitter backchannel & 100 to chatting in hall. Boo
@thebradking I suspect lance’s work will be less impactful globally than people think, but deeper in the film industry than ppl expect
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