Creating Content that Flows: From Concept to Contract to Launch
@Porter_Anderson Contentflow panel at @StoryWorldConf is beginning, moderator @robpratten of Transmedia Storyteller Ltd.
@maya_z00 @robpratten finding partners in Transmedia – creating a world where all the pieces work together
@cynthiajabar Lenny Brown, THQ partnered w Scifi network. TV Movie got 2 million views, game came out & “tanked”
@Porter_Anderson Lenny Brown of THQ points out that “it’s hard to realize the potential” of multiple components.
@mikemonello Truth. “A lot of this stuff sounds great in power points but doing it is very difficult.” – Lenny Brown, THQ.
@ivanovitch Vast difference between transmedia at the “Powerpoint level” and in actual execution. Theoretical models *sound* nice & clean.
@ivanovitch Thrilled to hear Lenny Brown talking candidly about THQ’s realization that transmedia *can* bomb with audiences.
@Porter_Anderson Lenny Brown: “About the time we were doing Homefront” “we got to know @randomhouse” & Trish Pasternak
@simon_staffans So, the “fail often” mantra also applies to transmedia; key as always is to learn from mistakes.
@Porter_Anderson  Lenny Brown: “You can have uninformed people working” on a #transmedia project, so that it spirals out of control.
@simon_staffans “You can do transmedia around everything, not everything deserves it.” Absolutely.
@simon_staffans Some stories will be best as monomedia, some as multiplatform/cross media, some transmedia. Basically, what makes sense in context.
@cynthiajabar “Trust people you work with” Lenny Brown. SO important!
@aprilarrg  Lenny Brown: Marketing & production need to get in synch more quickly.
@ivanovitch Not only is trust between partners essential to transmedia… agreement that it is transmedia and not franchising is too.
@aprilarrg  Lenny Brown: Consumer products & other uninformed people are not the ones that should be running a Transmedia strategy.
@Porter_Anderson  @BFree63 is talking about Valemont for @MTV — the brief was to create discrete 3-screen simultaneous content.
@TTTKaren Brent Friedman Hardest thing for original IP on line is marketing – need partner to cross promote to target audience.
@simon_staffans Scott Friedmann on Valemont now. Agree: ”Use on-air to promote online” was key.
@Porter_Anderson  @BFree63 on Valemont “Once online, episodes got a little longer. All 35 could be compiled into blocks or 90-min. movies.”
@simon_staffans Hard to get traction, audience, without hooking into something bigger. TV still key to get a lot of people to your content.
@floerianthebard  The hardest thing to do online with *original IP* is marketing. @BFree63
@Porter_Anderson  @BFree63 on Valemont “We decided to have a replicate experience online (from mobile).” Users were students at VU.
@simon_staffans If you want to read a case study of Valemont, go to

@ivanovitch Often struck by this idea: transmedia isn’t a “thing”, it’s an approach & a logic that transforms how all other media is produced.

@simon_staffans @ivanovitch yup, it’s a kind of a mindset… and I think therefore we will never have any definite definition of the term (which is nice)
Twitter is over capacity !!!!
@Porter_Anderson  @BFree63 on Valemont: “The biggest advantage we had was that this was *designed* to be a #transmedia project.”
@nlassam managing communities is costly but essential
@Porter_Anderson  @BFree63 on Valemont: “So many people were finding the show through different and discrete channels.” #swc11
@cynthiajabar “cellphone is the narrative shortcut” Brent Friedman.  Interresting. Web builders were on set to develop digital assets to use on Valemont. Brent Friedman , Electric Farm
@mikemonello Distinction btwn mktg and “pure transmedia” misses point. RT @Blerime: Friedman: hardest thing online w/original content is to market
@Porter_Anderson @BFree63 on Valemont: @MTV freaked out to discover that a fan forum had been created, but it met the need of a forum.
@Porter_Anderson @BFree63 on Valemont: “We found ways to engage the partnerships. Everyone brought value to the table.”
@aprilarrg  Lenny Brown: Consumer products & other uninformed people are not the ones that should be running a #Transmedia strategy
@RhysMT People don’t want to have a conversation on Facebook… Brent Friedman
@floerianthebard Random House has a transmedia storyworld development division. Awesome.
@ivanovitch Random House now has an IP development group called “Random House Worlds.” Intrigued to see what comes of it.
@Porter_Anderson  “We hope our #authors transform the ways they think of #storytelling” at @RandomHouse Worlds. Tricia Pasternak
@simon_staffans Makes so much sense for Random House to start a dept looking at other media platforms. They do have stories…
@Porter_Anderson  Tricia Pasternak: “We’re working on creating a story bible with THQ” and projects that will begin as #books.
@mikemonello Random House Worlds-new division to develop original multiplatform IP. Great move’ publishing historically develops the best stories
@ivanovitch @mikemonello Didn’t it start with a narrative hook that three people had gone missing, who you could try to learn about?
@ivanovitch Provocation #2: Can audiences be expected to care about whole story worlds in the absence of compelling core characters within it?
@RhysMT Spread your content in many places – give the audience as many levels of experience as they want.  Brent Friedman
@floerianthebard Be aggressive in getting audience to know about project, don’t be discouraged with small numbers at first. @BFree63
@simon_staffans +1 RT @ivanovitch: Agree w/ Tricia the lawyer supporting her team’s transmedia experimnts *has to be* one of the most creative minds.
@cynthiajabar #transmedia DIY seed clues in google…Valemont left clues in vampire sites #swc11 started months in advance..starts slow, then builds
@Porter_Anderso@BFree63 “You can’t sit back and wait for people to find you. You have to go create partnerships with your audience”
@geekgrl I’m glad that Brent Friedman is addressing that community outreach and audience acquisition takes time.
@RhysMT Real money is in the longtail – Brent Friedman
@ivanovitch Agree with Tricia Pasternak: the lawyer supporting her team’s transmedia experiments *has to be* one of the most creative minds.
@simon_staffans Also, don’t rely on FB/Twitter etc. Here, in getting noticed, if anywhere, partners are key.
@Porter_Anderson Lenny Brown “A great game takes three years. A good one takes two.” Re: working with @RandomHouse Worlds . @BFree63 “Our goal was to create IP we owned 100%. The real money is in the long tail…revenue for decades to come.”  @BFree63 “It’s a wonderful experience to own and control your own IP.” (gets a round of applause). “Resist the urge to hurl your computer out of the nearest window” without a ‘chute. @IntrepidAllen at @thecreativepenn  Good question from the audience about what happens when a fan base’s fave IP closes as a franchise. Lenny Brown: “Hopefully (fans) can continue down the line” to share their interests. “But who wants it under P&L?”
@RhysMT Too true! @simon_staffans: Quite so – fan fiction is not “ripping off” IP, they’re building on the IP…
@RhysMT Random House look a great point of contact for  Multiplatform work #swc11
@simon_staffans @RhysMT especially if you talk abt branded/Sponsored content – they
@simon_staffans @RhysMT …are all more exposure for brands!
@simonpulman Surprised to see people so excited about Random House Worlds. Many publishers doing similar – Egmont, Penguin in the UK (Genesis)